We customize the website to match your business

A website must be able to earn itself back home – but it does not necessarily have to bind you for several years, be difficult to access and generally cost you more time and money in the long run than necessary. In addition, we have good experience with marketing, which is why we want the opportunity to build your upcoming website with sales in focus!

We’re making sure to follow your business from start to finish, thereby giving you a frustration-free experience. We analyze your customers and their behavior – e.g. through Google Analytics, which we make a lot of use of. Here we can uncover the customer’s journey on your site and can take action based on data. This will help hit your target audience right, thus covering the actual need. Whether you want a large or small involvement – there is room for all wishes and needs.

Pick the design beforehand - wireframes built to convert

We will send you some different wireframes that create the building blocks for your upcoming website and we will then customize them exactly to your needs and the company’s visual identity. You choose your very own style – based on our draft.

The advantage of this unique solution is that you as a business owner are guaranteed to get a website composition that meets all the necessary measures to have a high conversion rate (and not only looks fantastic).

How we do it

Building a high converting website

Step 1:
Business Analysis

In order to tailor the perfect website for you, we start by analyzing the company and the industry.

Step 2:
Choose a wireframe

Based on modern theory and your personal preferences, we will send you some different wireframes you can choose from.

Step 3:
Development fase

Once we have determined the building blocks for the website, the development of your upcoming platform or webshop start.

Step 4:

We offer maintenance of your new website where we also closely observe your customers’ trends on the site through Google Analytics.

Why we are using WordPress

It’s easy for all parties! Since it is the most user friendly as well as used service to build websites.

After we have set up your page and you’ll get a short introduction, it will be easy and clear for you to access and make any adjustments that should occur over time. In addition, the following features should speak for themselves:

Free CMS

Can be adapted to all types of websites

Easy to learn and use

Tons of custom plug-ins

Great SEO-opportunities

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