We care about your company as a unity

Growth partners rather than customers

At KD Branding, we have no customers – none at all. But we have many satisfied partners that we grow every single day.

For us, collaboration and communication is important, which is why we see the service as a partnership between you and KD Branding. This also means that trust must be mutual. 

Quality rather than quantity

We offer flexibility for you, who are the busy business owner. Among other services, we introduce you to the easiest communication tools and make sure that you always have a direct line to us. We are always around and you will always be able to get in touch with us.

Personal rather than bureaucracy

All processes and actions that gives your business value are always our first priority. Therefore, you can be sure of fast execution as well as a flexibility that covers most of the day. 

Flexibility rather than Limitations

We strive for partners who are ready to pursue an ambitious goal – as that is what our methods and techniques are characterized by. Our SoMe marketing certainly does not consist of boring sales funnels that will be held on autopilot for the next 6 months – but tailor-made campaigns that closely follow the customer journey.

How we do it

This is the way we build a bullet-proof campaign strucutre

Step 1:
Business analysis

To achieve the best results, we immerse ourselves in your company’s internal and external conditions.

Step 2:
Setting goals

Using calculations of u.g. zero point, we set a common benchmark, which we continuously strive to achieve.

Step 3:
Campaign setup

Based on our research and objectives, we set up a campaign to align your business’ journey.

Step 4:
Launch & optimization

After launch we take a close look at KPIs, so that your advertising dollars are always used in the best possible way.

Forget all about the long and tiring contracts

An agreement with us is never with a forced binding – as we believe in mutual trust and that the results are more convincing than our words. “Plug and play” gives you the control to control the duration of the collaboration.

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